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Lex Ferenda: Khole Faelan by KoifiShii Lex Ferenda: Khole Faelan by KoifiShii
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//edit// I got in *O*/ yaaaaay<33
So i accidentally had this all mostly finished and then dELETED EVERYTHING omfg so LETS TRY THIS AGAIN WEEPS
anyways i really hope i get in cause dUUUUUUDEEEE harry potter verse? Awe yis. Wish me luck w@

ɤ   ›NAME: Khole Faelan

ɤ   ›AGE: 14 (fourth)

ɤ   ›HOUSE: Ravenclaw
ɤ   ›BIRTHDAY: October 7 (Libra)

ɤ   ›HEIGHT / WEIGHT: 145cm/97kg

ɤ   ›BLOODSTATUS: Half Blood.

ɤ   ›PET: 
              Mexican Hognose named Invisid (Sid for short), she's three years old.
                [Personality: Mild mannered, Affectionate, Restless, Pesky+Adventurous]

              Blackwalnut ||  Unicorn hair  ||  10 1/4"  ||  Pliant. (See other info for more)


              Siphoning Spell (Tergeo) || Hot-Air Charm (Nonverbal) || Levitation Charm (Wingardium Leviosa) || Flagrate (Flagrate) || Locomotor Charm (Locomotor)


              Magical Theory
              Care of Magical Creatures (Though I know this is fairly popular and not necessary if it's unavailable at this point *A*)

              Intelligent/Quick-Learner: Khole has a passion for learning EVERYTHING. She does have her preferred topics but she's really determined to have a wide knowledge on as much as she can over time. Growing up in a primarily non-magical house she has a basic knowledge of muggle science and such, as well as her magical education. Therefore she's quite into seeing how the two compete and compliment each other in various subjects. Hence her love of fluid-specific spells and charms, being able to manipulate air/fire/water in ways she considers unconventional cause of her muggle background intrigues her quite a bit.
             Inquisitive/Attentive: Relative to her thirst for knowledge Khole is also quite attentive to those around her, she's sensitive to the rooms atmospheres and is likely to be gauging peoples moods at any time. She's a bit manipulative in the fact that she'll use this to her advantage, especially if she can use it to weasel her way into friendships in order to learn more. While her motives do have an ulterior purpose, she also just enjoys company and knowing lots of people, so the knowledge and social connections are more just an added bonus.
             Studious/Short Tempered: She likes her studies. Or at least the act of being in studies, and she takes her homework rather seriously. One of her biggest pet peeves is when she sees people goofing off when they have work to be doing or cheating on homework in ways that aren't helping them learn. When she's working on something particularly challenging she can get rather irritable and snappy, especially if she keeps being pushed steps backwards and doesn't make any sort of headway with the work. Luckily, being in Ravenclaw these usually aren't to big of problems for her. (Unless she's choosing to study on the grounds..)
             Friendly/Helpful: Though tardy and lax students get on her nerve, she is quite willing to help anyone who asks. Though she wont just let you copy her work, she would definitely be happy to explain how she got her answers or explain something... whether the person is actually listening or not.... well you cant win every battle. She also has a relaxed system of 'an eye for an eye' in her mind. If someone has helped her, she'll usually try her best to help them. She doesn't follow the rule very strictly, happy to give more in return if she can. She's especially attentive to her underclassmen, being the youngest in her family she has a soft spot for the underdogs and runts.


              Familial backstory (before Khole)
Long before Khole was born her mother was previously married at a young age to a muggle named Scott, with whom she had a daughter, Laura. When her sister was about 3 years old the two had come to terms with the fact that the couldn't live together peacefully and happily and decided to get a divorce on good terms before they ruined Laura s childhood. This continued for a few more years, they shared joint custody of Laura and both went on with their lives. In about four more years, Claire met a wizard (not that she knew of that bit of information yet) by bumping into him on her way to see her daughter. Long story short, they kept 'coincidentally' bumping into each other until they ended up dating, and eventually marrying. At this point Laura was about 10 years old, when Claire and Robert has a son together. Years went by with them happily married, straddling the line between the wizarding world and the muggle world in order to accommodate both of their life styles. As Kieron started getting into his younger years with no accidental outbursts of magic, they started to wonder if he was a squib. Kieron started to seem withdrawn and disappointed after realizing he might never be able to use magic like his father, and the two couldnt figure out how to cheer him up, Laura had little care for magic and wasnt very good at consoling him either being much older and withdrawn from the magical world. The two decided to try for another child, hoping that to give the boy companionship before he got too old, hoping secretly that if the other child was magical it would spur the magic in him so he wouldn't feel so singled out. So after about a year of trying the eventually had Khole, her brother was about 6 by this point and seemed even more put off by the prospect of a sister.
             Before Hogwarts
Contrary to what the expected, her and her brother ended up getting along great despite Khole being vastly different from her brother, both in personality and in magical talent. She grew up as a very pesky child, getting into mud and grime chasing to keep up with her older brother and making a mess with anything she could get her hands on. Unlike some children she wasn't as prone to emotional magical outbursts because of others, hers came at less expected times, particularly if she was concentrating too hard and got frustrated with herself or if she was particularly mad at being unable to keep up with her brother (Once he climbed up a tree to get away from her and the resulting gust of wind caught him by surprise but luckily neither of them were injured.) Her parents were extremely happy that Kieron and her got along and their decision worked out for the better, and though they weren't a very wealthy family by any means spoiled them to the best of their ability. Her mother, being a part time seamstress and crafter often made them toys or altered their clothing how they wanted for dress up and such, and they were always readily amused by their fathers magic. The split heritage also allowed Khole to appreciate her mothers teaching on muggle things (though she's never been a fan of the whole gravity thing,) and her fathers teachings of magic. Khole took a liking to many things and her brother would often tease her about what house she'd be sorted into.
             Acceptance and first three years
Speaking of which, when she got her letter (not on her birthday as it would be late) The family threw a small celebration for her, though they of course knew she would get one, and offered to buy her one thing she wanted that was sort of an 'extra' when they went to Diagon Alley as an early present. They weren't expecting her to choose a snake, thinking she would much prefer the accessibility of her own owl if she wanted a pet, but a promise was a promise and hence Khole got Sid. Khole's first couple of years went by fairly uneventfully as far as one can expect from Hogwarts, though they hardly seem it too her. Her first year was a flurry of papers and homework and she hardly was prepared for it all so she hadn't really bonded with too many people, content to try and worm her way into a schedule she was comfortable with and figure out how to maneuver the massive school. Eventually things got easier and she's fairly adept at both navigating the school and with socializing more freely. She quite looks forward to her holidays from her studies to return to her family and help out in their shop and tell them about her adventures and learnings. 

ɤ   ›VOICE:

              N/A or TBA at least


          ♥ The sound of rain 
          ♥ Using the locomotor charm on pretty much everything. 
          ♥ Cleanliness and organization
          ♥ Fluids/Fluid dynamics/Fluid based magics
          ♥ Silk, and other smooth fabrics
          ♥ Snow

          ♠ The smell of heady spices like nutmeg or cinnamon
          ♠ Arrogance and people who interupt
          ♠ Slow/lazy/relaxed people
          ♠ Rudeness/Namecalling/general mistreatment (Though she does appreciate a well crafted jab or pun)
          ♠ Birds. She finds them weird and creepy. She doesn't mind them... but they're weird. Untrustworthy. 

ɤ   ›FAMILY:  
              Claire Faelan (Mother- Formerly Clancy):
          Age: 49
          Job: Seamstress/Crafter/Intern type deal at a vetrinary clinic (she'd go in when they called kind of thing and help out)
          Blood Status: Muggle.

              Robert Faelan (Father): 
          Age: 47
          Job: Owner of a shop for lost things; he has quite a few objects he's collected over the years that like to spit out random stuff, as well as just random items people turn in as lost, it's a bit of a networking thing, a communal lost and found for the greater wizarding community. As you can imagine its not a very steady income, but there's the occasion where someone looses something particularily valuable. 
          Blood Status: Half Blood

              Kieron Faelan (Brother [Middle]):
          Age: 20
          Blood Status: Half Blood (Squib)
          Job: Works with Robert.

              Scott Clancy(Half-sisters Father):
          Age: 50
          Blood Status: Muggle
          Job: Draftsman/Engineer 

              Laura Clancy(Half-Sister [Eldest]:
          Age: 30
          Blood Status: Muggle
          Job: Receptionist




              Wand info: Her wand is rather tempermental, or rather it's sensitive to her temperments and will often react occordingly. Though it can be rather pesky is she if in a good mood and feeling sure she can usually execute spells and charms with ease, as long as she understands the manner in which they are cast. It's fairly loyal to her, but more to her nature and good temperment then to her specificall yand it wouldn't put up too much of a fuss were it in another's hands, as long as they were similairly tolerable. 
               She has a terrible habit of making people confirm things. Many times. And asking many sources. After all, Gravity says down, Magic says UP! 
                She's not very good at healing spells nor curses and hexes, her specialties lie in altering things and in the inanimate. 

[I'm not really fond of rping in comments cause it's easy too lose track of them, but pretty much anything else is fine! Skype, group chat, notes, etcetc ovo)
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